Agrokor d.d. Suspends Contemplated Group Refinancing

Agrokor d.d. (“Agrokor”) has made significant progress in establishing the financial flexibility required to deliver on its strategy as a leading food producer and retailer in its primary markets of Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. As part of this process, Agrokor has taken a number of steps over the last year, including the recent acquisition of Poslovni sistem Mercator d.d. (“Mercator”) and implementing an extensive program to capitalize on synergies following the Mercator acquisition. The company has also reviewed a number of options to increase the financial flexibility of the consolidated group and the integration of the businesses, including through a comprehensive refinancing of the its debt obligations, including a portion of Mercator’s obligations and the debt obligations of Agrokor’s holding company, but has concluded not to pursue such a refinancing at this stage.



For further information, please contact:

Hrvoje Habuš

Executive Director for Strategy and Capital Markets

Agrokor d.d.

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