The President of the Agrokor Group Ivica Todorić and the Dean of the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb Prof. Dr. Sc. Ivan Lovrinović today in the presence of numerous guests signed a Business Cooperation and Strategic Partnership Agreement. The subject of this Agreement is Agrokor's donation to the Faculty of Economics amounting to Kn 3.2 million, which represents a logical sequence of Agrokor's continuous orientation to support education, culture, sports and science, being aware of its social responsibility. By signing this Agreement Agrokor wanted to point at its awareness that without investments into science there is no long-term survival and success for the Croatian economy either. Only new ideas, based on the implementation of knowledge can help the Croatian economy out of transitional problems, bring it to the level of the world's best practice and make it competitive. Being aware of this fact, Agrokor has since many years been investing into all levels and forms of education, and has since its foundation been committed to the usage and transfer of top-line scientific achievements from developed countries into its own systems. However, on the long term this will not be enough unless we develop the basic science able to provide the best models for development applicable to our own practice. This is particularly important, as within this framework new generations of young people are being educated who should be most responsible for the development of Croatian economy in the future. The Faculty of Economics on the other hand is aware of the need to establish a continuous and stronger communication between economy and science, as only by mutual permeation the scientific achievements shall be verified in practice and practice shall strongly influence the spheres of science. Both signatory parties are aware that the high aims Croatia has set itself, in particular its joining the EU, require different, higher-level knowledge and that the development and implementation of science shall become one of the key elements of competitiveness and the only proper admission ticket for Croatia to the EU.