Agrokor Doubles Production Capacities In Baranjka

A new plant for production of long-life sausages and bacon Baranjka has today been opened and put into operation. Besides the hosts from Belje and Agrokor at the opening ceremony were Mr Krešimir Bubalo, Head of the Osječko-baranjska County and Mr Davorin Bubalović, Mayor of Beli Manastir. The total investments of Agrokor into Baranjka plant for production of long-life sausages and bacon amount to 12 mil. kunas and comprise the entire production process, which has made Baranjka the largest plant for production of kulen in Croatia. The investments into Baranjka include new buildings for reception and storing of raw materials and a new salting plant with the capacity of 80 t, which resulted in increase of the total production capacities of 1,300 t a year. Six new automated smokehouses have been built too, which enables a permanent control of the technological smoking process. There are also 6 classic smokehouses, so that Baranjka now has 12 most contemporary smokehouses, in which all the set parameters can be controlled by computer. The entire production is now supervised from the new control room. In order to control the ripening of products, which is extremely important for kulen and bacon, all eight ripening chambers are equipped with a new computer system. At the end of the production process there is a new packing line, where finished products are vacuum-packed on the high-tech vacuum-packing line Multivac R240 with the integrated digital scale Bizerba. After that the products are stored in a new storing room of finished products. Following the standards of environmental protection a new cooling system and an integrated system of sanitary protection have been introduced. A special attention is paid to the system of waste water disposal. The above stated investments have enabled Belje to offer to its consumers even better and highly controlled products, the taste, smell and appearance of which are closest to the traditionally home-made products. Since decades kulen has been produced in Belje according to the traditional recipes of the old cooks from Baranja. The skills and knowledge of preparation is passed on from generation to generation, so that, for example, the head technologist for kulen production has acquired his knowledge from his father and grandfather, who started producing kulen in Belje.

The kulen from Baranja is a top smoked and cured product, produced from the best parts of pork meat and seasonings including a carefully selected red paprika. It is filled into special casings of swine intestines according to the protected recipes and thus preserves its typical and recognisable shape. It takes at least 90 days for drying and ripening of this original product. After this period kulen reaches its famous taste, smell and structure. The specific quality of Baranjski kulen is confirmed by the certificate Originally Croatian. The top quality product of Belje in the group of smoked and cured meats is also its home-made smoked bacon of special taste and with natural smoke flavour, which is achieved by drying on the open fire, as it used to be dried in the past on the farms and smokehouses in Slavonija and Baranja. The production process of kulen and bacon includes a permanent control of input raw materials from the Belje farms in Baranja as well as permanent controls of final products. Therefore, we can proudly say that top quality delicacies with a taste of tradition are served on your table.