Agrokor Futura A training academy for 2015 completed


Futura A educated more than 1,000 Agrokor employees so far

The last in the series of this year's training within Agrokor Futura A Academy has been completed.  Agrokor Futura A training academy had more than 130 participants from all companies of the Agrokor Group in 2015. The Futura A program of Agrokor Academy, is an educational program with the longest tradition in the Group, designed for selected, young and highly educated employees of the Agrokor Group from across the region, with goals of introducing them to the corporate organization, business and culture. So far, there were 29. iterations of Futura A Academy with more than 1,000 participants - young employees, many of whom now occupy leading and important positions within the Group. 95.4% of participants remained in the Agrokor Group and advanced their careers, while 56.3% of them hold important management positions, and are today the Presidents of the Board, Directors of companies, business areas and departments, executives, managers and so forth.

This year's Futura is special as for the first time it included attendees from Mercator from across the region. All participants of the 28 and 29-and Futura A generation had the opportunity to meet and ask questions members of the Management and the Supervisory Board of Agrokor who are long-time lecturers. Ivan Crnjac, Executive Vice President for Finance, Strategy and Capital Markets, Damir Kuštrak, member of the Supervisory Board of Agrokor, Mislav Galić, Executive Vice President for the Food Business Group together with other 16 high-quality internal lecturers, prominent managers and experts gave their contribution to the program and introduced this Futura generation with the mission and vision, strategy and the importance and role of different business functions of Agrokor.

The Futura A educational program for young employees is conducted through lectures, workshops and competitions in the development of new ideas and new products. During the program employees participate in presentations with a variety of innovative features in which they present themselves, their work and the company from which they are coming. The Futura A Academy started in 2000 and today it is fully run by Agrokor employees, the best experts in their individual business areas. Apart from Agrokor, some companies of the Agrokor Group also have their own academies, and among them it is especially important to emphasize the Konzum Academy and its K  AbeCeDa program. According to longstanding practice, internal academies of the Agrokor Group, with their programs and content suit the needs of employee development in all key areas of business; retail, food and beverage, agriculture and various services.

The Agrokor Group, as one of the largest regional employers, bases its current and future business success on the success of its employees and the care for human resources. Agrokor cares about employees using the most modern systems that identify, develop and direct careers to a vertical or horizontal progression within the company, but also through various businesses and countries, ensuring further development of the company. Agrokor focuses on the employment of young people, which is best evidenced through the fact that since the beginning of its operations Agrokor hired more than 8,000 apprentices. Out of that number the  initiative "Work to Overcome the Crisis" employed more than 1,600 young and educated people, out of whom today a large number is developing their careers in the Agrokor Group. Education and training systems for young employees is a long-term investment strategy of Agrokor, and it is being implemented in all regional markets.


Darko Krmek

Logistics and Operative support

PIK Vrbovec MI d.d., Croatia

 „For me, participating at the Futura A academy is a great experience that will be useful in the future development of my career and that I will gladly remember. The opportunity to listen to lectures from some of the best managers in the region is a privilege and a blessing that I will make the most of and cherish, as well. Also, the connections I made with colleagues from other companies were a great experience and I hope that we will continue to maintain and develop our professional and private relations.”

Filip Aničić

Human potentials

Jamnica d.d., Croatia

"I first learned of Futura from colleagues who attended it before and they briefly explained what to expect from the entire program. For me, the entire Futura program was exciting because of the opportunity to meet colleagues from different companies of the Group through brief and concise presentations and, of course, by spending time together. The lecturers left a great impression due to their affability and business successes brought closer to us through their experiences and presentations. Visiting other companies is essential as it allowed us to gain insight into their qualities and ask about anything. I was personally most impressed by the new electric and heat power plant of Agrokor Energija, as it is an example of an ecology oriented production facility. I am glad to say that Futura enriched me with new knowledge and friendships."

Ema Omanović

Wholesale and Logistics

Konzum d.o.o. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"Futura is a unique educational program through which Agrokor gives young employees an opportunity to perfect what they already know and also to gain new knowledge and experiences. Using educational examples from theory and real life, our lecturers selflessly shared their knowledge, as well as their experience, advice, stories, their ups and downs and their valuable time with us - for which I am grateful. It was really wonderful to meet people responsible for the success of our company through this program, as well as speakers and young colleagues from the entire region who made every day fulfilled with motivation and inspiration. I am happy to be a part of this program together with the rest of these young people, as I am happy to be part of Agrokor."

Dunja Bošnjak
Marketing and development
Sarajevski kiseljak d.d., Bosnia and Hercegovina

"Futura truly is a special educational  program because not only does it allows senior colleagues to selflessly share their knowledge and experience but it also greatly helps new employees to integrate into their companies as well as the Group. Experiences from different areas open up new perspectives and evolve one’s thinking. Socializing with colleagues from companies from the entire region was a bonus to a contagiously inspiring Futura atmosphere."

Doris Pahor
Human Resources sector
Mercator d.d., Slovenia
"I appreciate the opportunity to participate in Futura A very much. It was exceptionally valuable to hear experiences and stories from successful people with vision and passion for work. Positive energy among us as well as a feeling that we are part of a big company where every one of us has an important role, not only as employees, but as people too, gave me additional motivation."

Marko Krstojević
Finance and IT
Mercator – S d.o.o., Srbija
"For me, Futura was a unique opportunity to receive a broader image of the Group’s operations as well as an opportunity to connect with colleagues from the region. These five days of learning and working are a great privilege for me due to the fact that eminent colleagues with rich work and life experience dedicated their time to us. The availability of the lecturers and ease of communication left a powerful impression on me and my young colleagues. I would like to thank our hosts for memorable hospitality and energy they invested to allow us to better learn the inner workings of the Agrokor Group. It is an honor to be part of the Futura team and connecting with young, versatile and educated people. I hope this unique program will continue in the future and that I will meet again my fellow attendees at a reunion in 10 years."