Agrokor Group Chooses SAP Business Software System

The Contract on support to Agrokor business operations by SAP ERP was today signed by Mrs Ljerka Puljić, Senior Executive Vice-President for Strategic Business Groups of the Agrokor Group and Mr Bernd Kraus, General Manager of SAP for South-eastern Europe and Middle East and Mr Igor Dropulić, General Manager of SAP in Croatia. The Agrokor Group, as a regional leader in food and beverage production and retail sales, keeps the quality of its business operations on the maximum levels and pays a special attention to the investments into technology and computerisation. Accordingly, the project of selection of the most up-to-date IT system was launched aimed at achieving a higher level of integration and completeness, standardisation of the working process and business activities as well as quality management of the entire business operations. Upon signing of the Contract Mrs Ljerka Puljić, Senior Executive Vice-President for Strategic Business Groups pointed out that Agrokor needs the best IT-support for achievement of the top business results, whereby SAP provides the optimum solution for all Agrokor companies. The application of the modern SAP solution will enable Agrokor to maintain the advantages on more competitive regional markets, whereas the co-operation with the leading regional company will enable to SAP to establish themselves as a powerful company on this market. Since the Contract comprises a number of years it is planned to implement SAP within Consume in the first phase and in all other companies in the following years. Mr Igor Dropulić, General Manager of SAP d.o.o. said the following: "I am extremely pleased that the Agrokor Management recognised SAP as a strategically important partner for its development. The contracted strategic co-operation with Agrokor for SAP represents on the long run one of the most important development projects on the Croatian and regional markets. To all of us in SAP, Croatia this co-operation means a great honour, obligation and an opportunity to realise such a challenging business project. We want to actively help our future users to successfully implement our system and thus realise sustainable competitive advantages in their business. This refers, first of all, to the increased efficiency and quality of business processes, which is provided by implementation of the SAP system, If we succeed to realise our intention, which I am absolutely sure of, the benefits for the both parties of this Contract will be extraordinary."

"The Croatian market has in the past few years become stable and very strong. The companies such as Agrokor represent an exceptional percentage in the sustainability of the market competitiveness of the Republic of Croatia and they develop according to the modern trends of similar corporations in the world. Only the correctly determined strategy can keep the leadership in business. Therefore we are extremely pleased that the leading Croatian corporation ? Agrokor has decided to improve its business system through implementation of SAP. Since SAP is the leading ERP provider in the world the signed Contract will strengthen the competence of both companies. I am glad to be personally present at today's signing of the Contract and am convinced that our partnership will result in great success!" ? these were the words by Mr Bernd Kraus, General Manager of SAP for South-eastern Europe and Middle East. The implementation of SAP in Konzum is expected to last for about a year, so that Konzum will start using SAP in the fields of finances and controlling at the beginning of 2008.