The Agrokor Group has prepared several projects to revive the production capacities in the region of Knin. The production in the animal feed factory Agroprerada has already started. The Agrokor Group has put into operation the production capacities of the animal feed production factory Agroprerada from Knin, that employs 60 people. Agroprerada's capacities also include a mill, that has been put in operation as well. By the Business Cooperation Agreement Agrokor has ensured for Agroprerada the supply of raw-materials and packagings for the production, the finished products to be marketed in the regions of Dalmatia, and the Counties of Primorje and Gorski kotar, as well as of Lika and Senj. Agrokor is interested to start further projects, such as the production of eco-food, in the region of Knin, a town that has been in a difficult economic situation. The expansion of Konzum's business activities and the establishment of a cooperation with the regional retail company Dinarka has already been agreed.