Agrokor in Bosnia and Herzegovina strengthens the management team of Konzum and opens a new company VELPRO


Agrokor is dedicated to further development of its business in Bosnia and Herzegovina and therefore made changes and strengthened the management of Konzum. Continuing the usual, good practice of sharing knowledge within the Group and the individual development of own potential, Tomislav Bagić, former Member of the Management Board of Mercator-H in Croatia, will become the new Managing director of Konzum d.o.o. Sarajevo.

Tomislav Bagić came to Agrokor during the acquisition of Mercator, where he spent five years in management roles and had the chance to learn the world’s best practices in retail that will be more intensively applied to BiH market as well.

The former Managing director of Konzum, David Dolinar, upon returning to Zagreb, will continue his career in Agrokor Group in Croatia. We wish to thank him for his contribution to Konzum’s business in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tomislav Primorac, who gained his professional experience at management functions in procurement within Agrokor, will become the director of procurement of Konzum d.o.o. Sarajevo.

According to Group’s business policy to further strengthen its wholesale business, Agrokor will open a new company – VELPRO BiH with the aim to further develop and strengthen wholesale and logistics separate from the retail business. The manager of the new company will become Adnan Šteta, former executive director in Konzum BiH with a rich work experience and vast knowledge of Bosnia and Herzegovina market.

All stated management changes were made as a part of Agrokor strategic decision to further develop its retail and wholesale operations in the Bosnia and Herzegovina market.