Agrokor is a significant exporter


The fifteenth meeting of Lider magazine’s Club of Croatian Exporters was held in the Konzum Academy. The host of the meeting was Damir Kuštrak, member of Agrokor Supervisory Board, who was accompanied by representatives of larger export companies in the Agrokor Group. The central theme of the meeting was a panel “How to do business in Africa” that highlighted great potential of African market and opportunities for Croatian companies. Kuštrak said that companies from Agrokor Group are some of the biggest Croatian exporters and pointed out that the three biggest exporters among them are PIK Vrbovec, Jamnica and Agrokor trgovina.

“We export 46% to CEFTA, just as much as in EU, while the rest is exported to other continents. Our products are present in 46 countries. Our exports grow at a rate of 24% and we believe this growth will continue. There are, of course, certain limitations such as for example production limits since we are also dependent on agricultural production”, said Kuštrak. He added that the biggest exporter among Agrokor companies is PIK Vrbovec meat industry even though Croatia is a net importer of meat products. He also mentioned Jamnica for most widespread exports geographically. When it comes to exports to African markets, Agrokor exports to Lybia.