The Shareholders' Meeting of Sarajevski Kiseljak, held on December 1, 2000, confirmed the conclusion of the privatization process on the formerly state-owned part of capital of 41.18 per cent of shares of the Company, now owned by Jamnica d.d. Thereby the ownership share of the Agrokor Group in Sarajevski Kiseljak has reached a total of 97.4%. Agrokor's strategic objective at Sarajevski Kiseljak is the maximum increase of production, now amounting to around 24 million litres of water annually, and the stregthening of Kiseljak's position on both the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and on the neighbouring markets. By using synergies with Jamnica, which has an annual production of around 200 million litres of water, it is the intention of Agrokor to increase the market share of Sarajevski Kiseljak from current 48% to around 75% within short time, through reconstructing and modernizing the overall operation. At the Shareholders' Meeting of Sarajevski Kiseljak a new Supervisory Board was appointed, consisting of Ivica Sertić as President, and Alojz Gojšić and Vlatko Jurišić as Members.