Agrokor published its new Sustainability Report


Agrokor Group is the most complex business group in Croatia that publishes a Sustainability Report

Pursuant to the decision to continuously monitor environmental and social impacts, you can find on Agrokor’s website the Sustainability Report that covers the 2012-2013 period. The report was prepared according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Version 3.0 and it includes additional sector-specific indicators for the food processing industry. Economic indicators for the Group are consolidated, while environmental data are separated to allow for more efficient chronologic monitoring and comparison with similar companies.

Corporate social responsibility of Agrokor’s companies is an integral part of our everyday operations which is best confirmed by investments in renewable energy sources, by-products treatment in biogas facilities, orientation towards energy efficient technologies and vehicles, and ISO 14000 standard certification in 18  companies.

In 2012, Jamnica received a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award in the Large Enterprises category, Konzum entered a project in the competition for the European CSR award, and Ledo received a CSR award in 2013 in the Responsible Environmental Policy and Practice category. Also, the management structures of the Group and member companies have improved the applied standards of conduct by adopting the Mandatory Instructions for the Application of Competition Regulations.

As a member of business and trade associations that have defined sustainability as the cornerstone of their business operations and as a member of the UN Global Compact, the fundamental principles of which we accept and promote, the release of this Report is yet another confirmation of our commitment to achieving long-term sustainability of our business operations.

The complete report can be downloaded here:

Sustainability report 2012 and 2013