Agrokor published new Sustainability report


Agrokor published a new Sustainability report for 2014 and 2015.

The fourth consecutive Agrokor Sustainability report delivers updates on results that were achieved by all companies in the Group in the past two years. This report was prepared according to the G4 version of sustainability reporting guidelines issued by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as well as in accordance with Agrokor’s decision to continuously monitor the effects of its activities on the environment and society. Because of its size and various business functions that include retail, food production, agriculture and other, Agrokor Group is a business entity that published the most complex Sustainability report in Croatia.

“I am happy to say that we managed achieve all the main strategic goals. I am also happy to see that the Agrokor family is developing into the largest business community in the countries where we operate, with impacts on the wider regional and European level. The Agrokor family does not only include the employees who contribute to achieving positive business results, but also all our business partners, suppliers, and producers, and, above all, the customers and buyers of our products and services. Our social responsibility is also reflected in the manner in which we perform our everyday operations. I believe that by preparing a report of this kind we demonstrate our dedication to achieving long-term sustainability of our operations and that by disclosing the details concerning our business decisions and choices we influence our environment and the community we operate in since, as a leading entity, we contribute to setting the pace and direction for business development. Through our membership in various associations that emphasize sustainability as one of the cornerstones of their business operations, we are committed to ensuring continuous enhancement and improvement in all our activities.”, said Ivica Todorić, President of Agrokor Group on the occasion of publishing new Sustainability report.

Just like in the previous reports, the economic, employment, workforce, human rights, society and product responsibility indicators are presented as consolidated figures for the entire Group, while the environmental disclosures are presented separately for each company belonging to a particular group of related companies in order to allow for relevant intra-divisional comparisons and trend monitoring over time.

“Transition to G4 GRI reporting guidelines enabled our companies to easily define material aspects that are subject of this report (compared to previous Guideline versions) and this process advanced the approach to reporting itself, from regular data gathering and analyzing to current deliberations on the most significant business aspects of each company, the extent of their influence and adjusting plans for the upcoming period in segments that are highlighted as most significant. This will have a big effect on our business in the upcoming period as well as on reporting of achieved effects.”, said Marta Bogdanić, executive director of Investments in Agrokor, responsible for compilation of the new Sustainability report.

Corporate social responsibility is an infallible segment of everyday business in the Agrokor Group, as shown by numerous investments in renewable energy sources, energy efficient technologies and transport systems, as well as investments in local community and employee education, and a special focus on research and development. Alongside numerous awards and certificates for product quality, twenty one companies in Agrokor Group, from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia have the best known Environment protection certificate ISO 14000:2004. Zvijezda, Jamnica and PIK Vrbovec are the first companies in the Group that are also certified with Energy efficiency ISO 50001: 2011.

“Agrokor sustainability report for 2014 and 2015 applies all the reporting principles and the content complies with GRI G4 guidelines. A positive take away is that every new report contributes to enhancing a process in a manner that it offers improvements in presentation and application in socially responsible business practice.”, said Mirjana Matešić from UV HR PSOR commission.

Agrokor is a signatory of a Global Agreement by the United nations from 2007. The determination to support basic fundamental social values that the Global agreement promotes is visible in Agrokor’s reporting on activities in Sustainability reports that are published every two years, as well as in annual reporting on the principles defined by UN Global Compact in alternative years. The new biannual Sustainability report describes in detail Agrokor’s activities in all four segments of the Agreement: human and workforce rights, environment and battle against corruption. As a member of business and expert associations and of UN Global Compact, by using this type of reporting Agrokor shows that long-term sustainable business operations is one of the key priorities for further development. This report additionally confirms the transparency of business activities,  and also emphasizes corporate values and plans for the future of Agrokor Group.

Sustainability report 2014 and 2015