Agrokor's brands among the best ones in Croatia and the region


5 of Agrokor’s brands are among Brand Score’s top 10 for second year in a row

A recent Brand Score research by Ipsos Puls, an independent market research agency, confirmed the strength of Agrokor’s brands on Croatian and Adria region markets along with consumer loyalty for recognized quality and innovativeness. 5 of Agrokor’s brands - Zvijezda oil (2nd place), Jamnica mineral water (3rd place), Zvijezda mayonnaise (5th place), Zvijezda margarine (6th place) i Margo margarine spread (7th place) – are among Brand Score’s top 10 brands for Croatia.

Agrokor is also present among the 50 brands in the Adria region, among more than 3000 brands included in the research, with Jamnica mineral water, Ledo Quattro ice creams, Zvijezda oils, ABC cheese, Ledo King ice creams, Jana, Margo and Ledo frozen vegetables.

Almost all of Agrokor’s brands are ranked 1st in their respective Brand Score categories. Non-carbonated natural mineral water Jana is the best mineral water in Croatia according to recognizability and consumption. More than 90% of consumers recognize  Jana, while all aspects of consumer attitudes toward Jana in 2014 are recording improvements in comparison to the previous year. Jana’s results are outstanding and it is a leader among strong competition in premium brands and in overall non-carbonated water categories. Jana improved by five positions among the top 50 brands in the Adria region.

Also, Ledo’s King brand is ranked first in Brand Score’s ice cream category. Ledo achieved excellent results with its brands in Croatia and Adria region as well. Quattro brand improved by 14 places, and King by 5 on the Adria region Brand Score list.