Agrokor's Employees in Croatia to Receive Fifty Per Cent Higher Christmas Bonus


Agrokor invests more than HRK 35m in rewards for its employees, who will receive a Christmas bonus of HRK 1,500 and HRK 600 children's gift


At the premises of the Konzum Academy Agrokor's Extraordinary Administration concluded an agreement today with representative Trade Unions – Collective Agreement signatories at companies in the majority ownership of Agrokor in Croatia on the payment of Christmas bonuses. The agreement was reached between Fabris Peruško, Extraordinary Commissioner for Agrokor, Irena Weber, Deputy Extraordinary Commissioner and the CEO's of Agrokor's operating companies on the one hand and the representatives of those Trade Unions which are signatories to Collective Agreements on the other.  

The agreement encompasses a 50 per cent increase of the Christmas bonus, which means that Agrokor's employees in Croatia will receive a Christmas bonus of HRK 1,500. The agreement has also confirmed a HRK 600 gift for each child, as well as gift packages and Christmas performances for more than 9000 children. Agrokor will thus before the very end of the year pay more than HRK 35m to its employees as a form of acknowledgment for their work and contribution.

On this occasion Fabris Peruško said: „This agreement is important as an additional reward to our employees who have lately, just as the companies they work at, been faced with a number of challenges which we have been able to overcome as a team, with joint forces. The contribution of each individual employee, whether it be from among the sales people of Konzum and Tisak, employees from food production at Ledo, Jamnica, Zvijezda and PIK Vrbovec or our colleagues from the agricultural production at Belje, VUPIK, PIK Vinkovci and other operations, shall be equally important in the forthcoming period as well, where our focus will be on creating a viable future for Agrokor and all its operating companies and working environment. In that sense, this is our way to show appreciation, but also an indicator of an important trend of heading towards the improvement of working conditions as well as the corporate governance quality at all companies of the Agrokor Group.“

Irena Weber, Deputy Extraordinary Commissioner, stated: „In the period behind us we have taken a number of activities to additionally improve the working environment at Agrokor and its companies. Over the course of this year we have intensively employed new people and opened new jobs, with more than 1,300 new employments only in the retail and logistics operations of Konzum. We have improved job safety by means of a significant increase in the share of permanent employment contracts. It is important to note that, apart from the increase in Christmas bonuses agreed today, the majority of Agrokor's companies provides numerous other benefits to its employees, such as Easter bonus and vacation allowance or solidarity allowance in extraordinary circumstances and so on. We are continuously working on increasing employees' salaries and wages, particularly for those with lowest income. We shall continue to pursue that going forward, with a view to Agrokor and its companies being not only Croatia's and the region's largest employer, but also the best one, attractive to potential employees of various profiles and professional skills.“

On the occasion of reaching the agreement Zlatica Štulić, Chairwoman of the Union of the Croatian Trade Industry said: „I would like to thank the Extraordinary Administration and the Management Boards of Agrokor's companies for their cooperation with regards to the realization of this agreement and for recognizing the importance of social dialogue and the legal framework for labor relations at the companies in the form of collective agreements. As chairwoman of the Trade Industry Union I am exceptionally happy with the fact that Croatia's largest employer in the trade industry segment – Konzum, and together with it Tisak, Velpro centar and Roto Dinamic – will provide a significant increase in the Christmas bonus for their employees.“

Denis Paradiš, Chairman of the Union PPDDIV (Union of employees in Agriculture, food and tobaco industry and water management in Croatia) said: „We salute the Extraordinary Administration's decision to pay a Christmas bonus to Agrokor's employees in the amount higher than the one defined in the Collective agreement. We expect such decisions in the future as well that will surely have an influence to keeping the current workforce and increasing of employment.“