Agrokor´s investment in energy efficiency yields results


Successful companies are more inclined to apply new technologies in order to increase energy efficiency in the industry, as is shown in the results of the first research in this field in Adria region which included answers from more than 100 experts. The research was ordered by Siemens and in-depth scan shows that the biggest potential in Croatia lies in electric power savings.

Agrokor is among the companies that invested in increasing energy efficiency in the previous years which yielded excellent results. More precisely, Agrokor saved 2,35 million euro on electric energy expenses alone in just one year. This was pointed out at Siemens conference on energy efficiency - Industry SPEED Conference („Siemens Promoting Energy Efficiency Development“) held in Opatija.

The basic postulate of energy efficiency is measuring. Central control system for monitoring consumption and limiting the power of electric energy was implemented in 60% of retail outlets and most manufacturing companies. Combined with “energy house rules”, energy consumption went down 10% per year.

“Agrokor´s  retail stores in Croatia were lit during the night for security reasons. Some seven years ago we connected 95% of lights with motion sensors and  decreased the power to 300kW and the total savings amounted to yearly profit of one Super Konzum store.  Symbolically speaking we built one Super Konzum store by turning off night lights without jeopardizing the security. This is just one of 30 projects through which  we were able to reduce electric energy consumption by  1.000.000 kWh despite the 15% increase in sales area per year, and without great investments.”, said Tihomir Adam, member of the management board in Zvijezda.

Zvijezda has a continuous program for reducing natural gas consumption, as well as consumption of electrical energy and water, by approximately 10 % every year per ton of finished product. Currently they are working on complex projects for energy optimization in production. The underlying idea is to establish and develop energy master plan in the company as a pilot project that would later be implemented to other production companies in Agrokor Group. The decrease in consumption so far is a result of a central control system for monitoring consumption, as well as the result of responsible behavior of everyone involved in the production process. Emphasis is placed on the strict following of “energy house rules” that come at no expense but are difficult to accomplish because they demand a change in the company culture. In cooperation with Energy institute EIPH, Zvijezda will prepare a “snapshot”of current situation and a program for further advancements in energy efficiency. Results that were achieved so far are related mostly to facility  management . The challenges lie in power and process plants where no universal knowledge exists. Therefore, the idea is that Zvijezda will build a sustainable development program for energy efficiency, in cooperation with the institute and leading company in energy industry worldwide. Apart from technical solutions in thermodynamics and electricity the focus will be on digitalization and high level of automatization of technological production lines, as well as using software for production planning and management.

“We started creating conditions for such advanced technologies in Zvijezda this year by digitalizing the preparation of production and using smart cameras for shape recognition on packaging lines. We believe that these are the ideal projects that could potentially be financed through EU funds for increasing competitiveness.”, said Josip Cvetko, production director in Zvijezda.

The optimization of technological processes is continuously performed also in other Agrokor companies and the goal is to achieve optimum level of energy consumption , as well as natural resources, and to use raw materials rationally.