Agrokor sold Jamnica’s Juicy to the Stanić Group

Jamnica, a member of the Agrokor Group, signed a contract with the Stanić Group for the sale of Juicy fruit juices at Agrokor headquarters. The investment is worth 45 million euro.

Stanić Group will become the new owner of the bottling facility in Jastrebarsko as well as of the Juicy, TO, Juicy Fruits, Juicy Kids and Juicy Vita brands. With this strong investment worth 45 million euro, the Stanić Group confirmed its strategic decision of entering the juice production segment aimed at making further investments in production and regional brand and business growth. With this move, the Stanić Group reinforces its strong presence on the Bosnia and Herzegovina market and makes a considerable step towards expansion on Croatian and other neighboring markets, thus becoming one of the more significant investors in Croatia.

The acquisition of Juicy fruit juices is an ideal fit to Stanić Group’s defined vision of maintaining a high level of quality while expanding its assortment and production capabilities in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Increase of employment and maximum utilization of domestic resources and personnel that will strengthen industries in both countries are the priorities of the new Juicy owner.

Jamnica is continuing with its successful business growth in the region and beyond it in the water, ice tea, carbonated drinks and functional beverages segments while also expanding sales and distribution of products.