Agrokor strengthens and expands its Management Board

Ivica Sertić is a new Executive Vice President

Mislav Galić remains in his current position and is appointed President of the Management Board of Jamnica

Aiming to improve the organizational structure of Agrokor food production companies portfolio management, and also based on the analysis of new business goals and the profile of leading managers in the Group, Agrokor decided to expand its Management Board and appoint the new Management Board in Jamnica d.d. company.

Mislav Galić, while maintaining his current position of Executive Vice President for Food Business Group, is also appointed the new CEO of Jamnica company. Ivica Sertić, the previous CEO of Jamnica became the new member of the Management board in Agrokor as the Executive Vice President for Markets, Sales and Logistics. This further strengthens Agrokor’s Management Board and will give the opportunity to both of these experienced managers to best apply their business and management knowledge and skills.

Ivica Sertić was President of the Jamnica Management Board since 1993. In the past 23 years, under his leadership, Jamnica became a strong market leader and the biggest producer of mineral water and soft drinks in Southeast Europe and the growth was founded on building strong brands that maintain a leading position in their own market segments in Croatia and in the region. Jana brand stands out among them, as natural mineral still water that is exported to more than 20 different markets which include United States, Russia, Australia, Germany, Canada and others, alongside regional markets.

Mislav Galić is Agrokor’s Executive Vice President for Food Business Group since 2008. Before that, from 1998 to 2008, he was the CEO of Ledo d.d. During that period, the Ledo group achieved high market share and sales growth, made acquisitions of three factories in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Hungary and launched a number of successful brands.

These management changes were made as an extension of Agrokor strategic decision to further strengthen and develop its business.