Agrokor, the leading regional company, on its way to become one of top 10 largest companies in Central Europe


Deloitte and Banka magazine published a list of 500 biggest companies in Central Europe. Agrokor is placed 22nd on the list and once again confirmed its position of the biggest company in Croatia and the Adria region. By consolidating Mercator in the last quarter of 2014, Agrokor’s revenue totaled EUR 4,6 bn and moved it up five places on the list of companies from 18 countries in Central Europe. It is estimated that after the acquisition of Mercator, Agrokor as a consolidated group will generate revenues greater than EUR 7 bn which would place it among the top 10 companies in Central Europe in 2015.

At the panel that was held for this occasion, Zdravko Marić, executive director for strategy and capital markets in Agrokor, highlighted the focus on new synergy potentials from the Mercator acquisition. He pointed out that new possibilities for reducing costs are available in procurement, marketing and distribution, considering the fact that both the Croatian and Slovenian companies were doing business on three same markets. He added that the acquisition also opened new opportunities for all suppliers working with Mercator and Konzum because they gained presence in more stores. In conclusion, he explained why Agrokor insists on a vertically integrated company structure that includes everything from production, distribution and retail. He said that in regards to the size of the market where Agrokor is operating, this type of structure is more favorable than focusing on a single activity.