In order to encourage domestic producers to grow soybeans, Agrokor Trgovina will pay Kn240 of additional, non-returnable incentives per each sowed hectare. Together with the government grant amounting to Kn1660, the soybean incentive will total Kn1900 per hectare. With a view to increase the production of oil-crops in Croatia, in particular the production of soybeans, and thus ensure the balance needs (for oil-crops, proteins and oil products) to be covered by domestic production, Agrokor Trgovina d.d. introduces own, additional incentives for growing soybeans. Agrokor Trgovina shall for this year's sowing season pay an additional non-returnable sum of Kn240 per each hectare sown and the total incentives for soya will, with the government grant of Kn1660, amount to Kn1900 per hectare. The Agrokor Group, namely its members Agrokor Trgovina and Zvijezda d.d., have for several years already been the major organizers of the domestic oil-crop production. Agrokor Trgovina has since last year been heavily involved in the organization of the cereals production, thus nominating the Agrokor Group as the major organizer of the overall agricultural production in Croatia. This year Agrokor Trgovina and Zvijezda will organize the agricultural production of soybeans, sunflower, maize and wheat on about 150,000 hectares. Agrokor will finance all these productions in form of seeds and protective agents.