Agrokor vina Capture Gold Medals at the 17th GAST Fair in Split

At the 17th international GAST fair held in Split, February 28-29, the panel of judges selected the winning wines and spirits from the lineup. The wines produced by Vina Belje, Podrum Mladina, Iločki podrumi and Istravino won several gold, silver and bronze medals confirming their status and quality and strengthening their position on the market. The wines were graded by internationally acclaimed judges from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro using the method of 100-point OIV.


Grape cultivation in Baranja and Podunavlje is a longtime tradition and the knowledge of and ability to produce superb wine has brought Vina Belje six valuable medals:

  • Goldberg Chardonnay, 2009 - Gold medal
  • Goldberg Cabernet sauvignon, 2007 - Gold medal
  • Goldberg Graševina, 2009 - Gold medal
  • Merlot, 2009 - Silver medal
  • Frankovka, 2009 - Silver medal
  • Pinot noir, 2009 - Silver medal


The wines produced by Mladina’s continental vineyards won two gold medals and a bronze:

  • Sauvignon Gaj, 2010 - Gold medal
  • Traminac Gaj, 2010 - Gold medal
  • Rajski rizling Gaj, 2010 - Gold medal


In the Plavac Varietal category for the second consecutive year Istravina shine with two gold medals:

  • Postup Donja Banda, 2008 - Gold medal
  • Plavac Mili, 2008 - Gold medal


Traminac and Graševina, a variety characteristic of the Ilok appellation and the most widespread continental variety, earned Iločki podrumi gold and silver medals:

  • Principovac Traminac, 2009 - Gold medal
  • Traminac, 2009 - Gold medal
  • Principovac Graševina, 2010 - Gold medal
  • Graševina, 2010 - Silver medal


It was at this year's GAST that Agrokor vina presented and confirmed their wine-making tradition and product quality by wining multiple medals and prevailing over numerous international competitors.