Agrokor will invest 140 million kuna into new Konzum shopping centers


As a continuation of its investments aimed at improving business and meeting the demands of its customers, Agrokor will open two new centers in the city of Zagreb with a total value of 140 million kuna and 200 new job openings.

Super Konzum Stenjevec, located at 102 Samoborska cesta has a total sales surface area of 1.805 m². Apart from the Konzum store, it will also include additional stores from other partners. Konzum is focused on introducing new value with each new store, be it through state of the art equipment or through new benefits for its customers. The new center, worth 40 million kuna and with 60 employees will be opened by mid March.  

“We are proud that our investments cycle is continuing through these two significant projects that will soon be completed. Apart from the fact that both centers will offer our products and services, they will also present a modern shopping experience with substantial added value, which underlines our dedication to continuous improvements of our customers’ shopping experience. It is especially important that these centers will create new jobs and Konzum will certainly remain close to this investment vision in the future”, said Mr. Darko Knez, President of Konzum's Management Board.

The Gračani center is a large business-shopping mall worth 100 million kuna and its opening is planned for November 2014. With a surface area of around 12.000 m² and three levels, customers will also have at their disposal various other content: a bank, a drugstore, cafes, restaurants, playgrounds, a mobile operator store, a florist, dry cleaners, etc.

Agrokor will let their loyal customers choose the name of the center. The author of the winning proposal will win a 10.000 kn prize.

Investments into new Konzum shopping centers contribute significantly to increasing employment while also supporting the overall economy by hiring domestic companies for the preparation and completion of projects. With the opening of Stenjevec and Gračani centers, the number of Super Konzum locations in Croatia will rise to 61, with 17 of them in the Zagreb area. This shows that Konzum is maintaining its leading market position by carefully listening to the demands of local populations and by evaluating potentials of selected micro-locations.