Agrokor wines set off to conquer the American market

Agrokor wines set off to conquer the American marketAgrokor Wines, the biggest wine producer in Croatia, will soon offer its products to American consumers and wine lovers. Yesterday, the first shipment of Croatian wines was sent from Rijeka harbor to American market. These were 15 different labels of high quality and supreme wines from Agrolaguna, Belje Wine Cellars, Istravino and Ilok Cellars. According to the agreement concluded in April this year with the importer, the wines from these wine cellars will be sold in several smaller shopping chains, in restaurants and other catering facilities in 40 federal states. New special labels are currently being prepared for the American market and for the next shipment, which will be delivered by the end of this year as planned. According to the words of Goran Galić, Agrokor Wines export manager, this is just the beginning of cooperation with distributers from the American continent, because in the beginning of the following year new wines will be exported to another American partner. Due to all things stated, it is no surprise that people from Agrokor Wines have accepted this achievement with enthusiasm and with justified ambition they expect that in the following year the export to US market will make at least 10% of the total Agrokor Wines export. A smaller number of Croatian wines is available on the American market, these are usually labels by family-run wineries of good quality, but in the higher price range. Among these 15 different types of wines from Agrokor Wines, people will be able to find different tastes with a range of prices.