Agrolaguna announced new investments


Agrolaguna’s successful food and wine production chain was presented at the Špin farm by Goran Kramarić, CEO of Agrolaguna

“Today, Agrolaguna is the leading agriculture company in Istria whose business includes winemaking, olive growing and livestock breeding. All of Agrolaguna’s products are regionally renowned as quality brands. So far, Agrokor invested HRK 220 mil in Agrolaguna’s development, primarily in new vineyards and olive orchards as well as in state of the art equipment which all make it possible to produce superior products. Most of the investment was used for winemaking, which includes vineyards, technology and mechanization, human resources and marketing. Other significant investments included the new cheese production at the Špin farm and the oil production facility”, said Goran Kramarić, CEO of Agrolaguna and added: “Agrolaguna will continue investing in the coming cycle with another HRK 20 mil that will allow further development of the company and a focus on production of high quality brands of wine, olive oil and cheese through improved vineyards and new laboratory equipment. We are also planning to acquire wine tanks and invest in oil production and cleaning mechanization.

Suzana Diklić, Agrolaguna's marketing manager, highlighted that the company is recognizable for its innovative and high quality products that won numerous awards and recognitions during this year. She emphasized five canter Decanter and five Mundus Vini gold medals for Vina Laguna along with recognitions and medals won by Ol Istria extra virgin olive oils at the New York International Competition, Terra Olivo Israel and Sial Canada. Sir Laguna cheeses were also awarded at the World Cheese Awards u Londonu, Global Cheese Award Frome i The Nantwich Cheese Show.