Agrolaguna Presents OL Istria Oils

Agrolaguna presented a new brand of olive oil, OL Istria, a young olive oil of this year's vintage which is beautifully and interestingly packaged.

Agrolaguna Presents OL Istria OilsAt olive oil fairs in Zagreb and Vodnjan, Agrolaguna presented this year’s olive oil vintage. In addition to the new brand, it also presented its new and attractive packaging. At the 3rd Olive Oil Festival held at Kaptol Centre in Zagreb, organised by the Wine&Gastro Academy, the new OL Istria olive oil brand was presented by the festival curator Rene Bakalović. OL Istria oil was presented to Istrian gourmets at the Young Olive Oil Days in Vodnjan, 20-22 November, where it was used on the cooking show Agroturizam Štefanić to prepare boškarin (indigenous Istrian cow) meals. The new OL Istria olive oil brand consists of products made of mixed olive oil sorts, as well as Ascolana, Pendolino and Picholine varieties. Eco-friendly olive oil, produced in accordance with the Organic Agriculture Act which requires monitoring the entire production process from cultivating to olive processing, will also be launched on the market. These individual varieties will be sold in 250 ml packaging, while olive oil mixtures will be available in 250 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml packaging.