Agrolaguna's Castello Festigia Wins Silver in Madrid

This year's Bacchus Wine Contest in Madrid awarded the silver medal to Castello Festigia by Podrum Agrolaguna.

The 7th International Bacchus Wine Contest 2010 was held in Madrid, Spain, from 18-21 March. It was organised by U.E.C. (Spanish Tasters Union), under the auspices of O.I.V. (International Organisation of Vine and Wine), U.I.O.E. (International Union of Oenologists) and VinoFed (a federation of the greatest international wine judges). The silver medal that was awarded to Castello Festigia is another in a series of international awards won by the wine Festigia of Podrum Agrolaguna. So far Podrum Agrolaguna’s Merlot Festigia and Cabernet Sauvignon Festigia won gold medals in 2009 in Bergamo, Italy, and a bronze at the 2009 Decanter contest in London.

Agrolaguna's Castello Festigia Wins Silver in MadridCASTELLO FESTIGIA, PODRUM AGROLAGUNA Festigia is a brand of exclusive wines which is among the best wines according to Agrolaguna’s oenologists Mr Ante Gavranić and Mr Miroslav Latal. The Festigia label is known by the motive of the Poreč basilica, and the word Festigia depicts the ancient name of a room in the basilica that was used for feasts of excellent wines. Castello Festigia is a top-rate wine, a symbiosis of cabernet sauvignon and syrah. The ratio amounts to 60 per cent cabernet and 40 per cent syrah in a barrique, a wooden barrel. The softness of syrah and the robustness of cabernet sauvignon, with subtle flavours of black berries, are nicely combined with the gentle scent of vanilla. Its taste is rich and complex.