LEDO 's prize contest "LEDO pleasure - certain treasure" is nearing its conclusion. All instant prizes have already been awarded, and the final drawing is to take place in Zagreb on 15 September. The main prize is an apartment in Zagreb, a Mercedes A-class, a TV and a Home cinema. On 23 August a lucky winner was presented the last instant prize of this year's LEDO prize contest at Bačvice in Split. The winner of a Mercedes SLK, Mr. Marijo Udiljak from Split, was handed the keys of his new car by Dražen Zečić. Before that, 11-year-old Denis Mališ from Petrovski was awarded a Mercedes C-coupe in Krapinske toplice on 18 August. The keys were handed to his father by Maja Šuput, a singer of En Joy.