Aviva Polyclinic introduces “Healthy workplace” project


PIK Vrbovec the first partner of the project

Aviva Polyclinic, in cooperation with PIK Vrbovec, launched a pilot project “A Healthy Workplace”. The aim of this project is to prevent painful conditions that can arise from everyday tasks at work or at home.   

Timely health care can prevent potential problems connected to the nature of a specific job. Exercise plays a major role in such prevention, as well as the type of exercise and movement quality – from the exercise that will prepare the body for work, proper posture during everyday tasks, to relaxing and stretching when work is complete. 

The first in series of lectures was held in PIK Vrbovec for the department in the Fresh Meat Production Sector. A team of experts from Aviva Polyclinic designed and modified exercises for this specific department after examining the type and method of work related tasks in the workplace. Occupational Medicine Specialist Martina Elez held a lecture about most common issues employees face in their daily work. The practical part was held by Master of Kinesiology Ivančica Vadjon from the Medical Fitness Center of Aviva Polyclinic by performing the exercise together with the employees. The employees also had the opportunity to hear more about a healthy diet from Mirela Marić, Master of Nutrition, head of Weight Control Center at Aviva Polyclinic.

The exercises are printed on posters placed at the workplace. The exercises are simple and not time consuming, and will surely contribute to a healthier and more pleasant work, which is the purpose of the project. 

Aviva Polyclinic organizes lectures on health preservation to interested companies for years, educates employees of partner companies about healthy life style, protection and timely recognition of illness symptoms.

Aviva Polyclinic plans to continue such cooperation with all companies within the Agrokor Group to help preserve the health of employees.