Awards for Agrokor Managers


Agrokor Managers Win Prestigious Business Awards in 2014 

This year again Agrokor managers have won a number of significant and prestigious awards which have confirmed their business know-how and skills while additionally highlighting the Group's successful business results. Among the awarded managers are Ljerka Puljić, Senior Executive Vice President of Agrokor, Iva Balent, Executive Director of Marketing at Agrokor, Mate Štetić, Managing Director of PIK Vrbovec, David Dolinar, Managing Director of Konzum Sarajevo and Tomislav Smolić, Executive Director of Research and Development at Agrokor.

For the tenth successive year Mrs. Ljerka Puljić, Senior Executive Vice President of Agrokor, has been selected as Croatia's most powerful business woman on a list of Top 300 Most Powerful Women selected by the business weekly magazine Lider and among the top 6 most powerful women is also Mrs. Iva Balent, Agrokor's Executive Director of Marketing. 

The Croatian Association of Managers and Entrepreneurs (HUM-CROMA), which presents annual awards to the best in various sectors of the country's economy, has presented the „Manager of the Year“ award in the category of large companies to the Managing Director of PIK Vrbovec Mr. Mate Štetić. Due to a responsible way of running the company, its clear business goals and a strategy created to provide for a sustainable, long-term generation of results, today PIK Vrbovec is the largest meat industry in Croatia and the region. 

David Dolinar, Managing Director of the company Konzum d.o.o. Sarajevo, is the winner of the prestigious award „Best B&H Manager for the Year 2014” in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On this occasion David Dolinar pointed out that this was the crown of a very successful year for Konzum d.o.o. Sarajevo and that the credit for this award went to all 4,600 employees of Konzum in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

NineSigma, one of the world's leading companies in implementing the open innovations concept, held the „Innovation Leadership Summit“ in Cleveland, USA, and presented the annual „Excellence in Collaborative Innovation“ awards to its clients for having successfully and efficiently used their open innovation platforms. Among the laureates, which include representatives of Samsung and Sanofi Pasteur, was also Tomislav Smolić, Agrokor's Executive Director of Research and Development. 

Apart from serving as personal recognition, these awards also laud teams of awarded individuals and highlight the importance of teamwork at all levels in all companies of Agrokor.