Balloons of excellence flying high to the sky


The best managers in Mercator for the year 2015 were announced and the Mercator Awards were awarded

At a ceremony organized by Mercator in the magnificent Ljubljana castle, the best managers in Mercator for 2015 were announced and this year’s Mercator Awards were presented.

High above the city, within the castle walls and in the presence of Mercator top management, the best of the best gathered: store managers whose excellence was confirmed by co-workers and management, and our associates who have, through their exceptional work and the personification of Mercator values, earned the highest recognition in the company – The Mercator Award.

The event followed the message from the children’s book by Ela Peroci “My umbrella can be a balloon” that can also be paraphrased into: If you truly believe it, it can be achieved. With the hat of excellence you can soar high into the sky and with your deeds you can reach unimaginable heights. Something very similar was achieved by this year’s winners.

The best managers and Mercator Award winners were addressed by Toni Balažič, President of the Board on this occasion. He emphasized that the award winners are the ones that leave a mark. They are the ones who are ready to adapt to everyday circumstance in business and instead of fearing changes, they react to change in a constructive way. He thanked all the award winners for their good work and congratulated them for being included in the group with the best.
The recognition for Best managers of the year was awarded to 13 Mercator associates, and the honorary title was given to Irena Žilič, store manager of Mercator in Izola.

Irena Žilič alongside president of the Board Toni Balažič and member of the Board Igor Maroša