Baranjski kulen Receives European Recognition for Quality

The International Taste & Quality Institute (ITQI) from Brussels awarded Baranjski kulen, a red paprika-flavoured salami produced by Belje, two stars for quality last week.

Baranjski kulen Receives European Recognition for QualityAfter receiving recognition and gold medals in Croatia, the confirmation of the exquisite quality of Baranjski kulen came from Europe as well. Each year, the International Taste & Quality Institute (ITQI) organises the Superior Taste Award evaluation at which an expert evaluation committee evaluates products arriving from all parts of the world. This eminent evaluation committee awarded the Belje Baranjski kulen, as an extraordinary product, two stars for quality. ITQI is the leading independent organization of chefs and sommeliers engaged in the evaluation and promotion of high-quality food and beverages from the entire world, cooperating closely with the most prestigious European culinary institutions and the International Sommelier Guild.

Baranjski kulen Receives European Recognition for QualityThe 2-star Superior Taste Award is the first European and this year's second award for quality received by Baranjski kulen. Earlier this year, it was awarded a gold medal at the largest Kulen Festival in Jagodnjak. Baranjski kulen is a high-quality dried meat delicacy produced in accordance with the centuries-old recipe by old Baranja masters. The carefully selected meat, produced on company's own farms, and the specially selected ground red paprika are the main ingredients of Baranjski kulen which, besides being rich in taste, is also rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins C and B. In order to ensure complete enjoyment of this delicacy, we have designed a new packaging for Baranjski kulen, i.e. a bag with the motifs from Baranja that preserves the product's freshness and original taste from the end of the maturing process all the way to your dining table.