Baranya kulen presented in the European parliament


The “Baranya kulen” association of producers along with EU representative Biljana Borzan, Belje and Agrokor, organized the presentation of Baranya kulen in the European parliament in Brussels. Baranya kulen is a Croatian meat delicacy that will soon have its geographical origin protected in the entire EU region.

On this occasion, Ljerka Puljić, member of Agrokor’s supervisory board: “Agrokor and the Baranya kulen association invested in the standardization and equalization of quality of Baranya kulen for several years. Now that we have achieved this and knowing that the geographical origin will soon be protected, we can have a take on Europe.”

The process of protecting the geographical origin was initiated by the “Baranya kulen” association of producers from Beli Manastir.

“We are in the final stages of a process to protect the geographic origin of Baranya kulen in the EU that started years ago. This will give an additional boost to our producers. By presenting in the EU parliament we wish to introduce the wide European audience not only with the quality of our kulen, but with our tradition, because Baranya kulen is not only a food item, it is also a part of our cultural heritage and the history of Baranya.” said Miodrag Komlenić, president of the association.

The original Baranya kulen is made only in the Baranya region in Croatia by following very strict specifications and only from the finest pieces of pork spiced with salt, ground peppers, white onions and white pepper. The maturing of Baranya kulen lasts several months and then it receives its distinguished look and taste.

“The sales of products with protected geographic origin in the EU generate an annual income of 54,3 billion euro and I am especially pleased that Baranya kulen will become a member of this family. I am convinced that this will improve its sales, increase the consumer confidence in its authenticity as well as help promote Baranya in the world.” said Biljana Borzan, representative in the EU parliament.

Baranya kulen is a showcase product of very rich tradition in making delicatessen products and traditionally it is considered a symbol of prosperity so it was enjoyed on special occasions. Members of the association found records of kulen production in Baranya from the 19th century. Belje meat industry is currently the biggest producer of Baranya kulen and according to some unofficial sources, it started its production exactly 100 years ago.