Belje has certified GLOBALGAP

First in Croatia and among the first in Europe, Belje has certifiedGLOBALGAP – the system of controlling safety and quality in agricultural production

Belje has certified GLOBALGAPIn the presence of many agricultural experts, Belje was today awarded the GLOBALGAP certificate, an internationally accepted standard which is based on principles of good agricultural practice.The GLOBALGAP system was defined in 1997 under the name EUREPGAP by British retailers in conjunction with supermarkets, and was later accepted as a global system by the most prominent European retailers, agricultural producers’ associations and consumer representatives. The GLOBALGAP standard was primarily created to ensure customers' confidence in the safety of food and quality of products. The aim of GLOBALGAP is to minimize adverse effects of agriculture on the environment, to ensure a more responsible attitude towards the public and those employed in agriculture, and to respect animal welfare. Implementation of GLOBALGAP at Belje includes four profit centers (Crop Husbandry, Fattening of Yearlings, Dairy Cattle Breeding and Pig Husbandry), as well as points of reference of production at the Feedstuffs Factory, Seed Growing and Mill. The certificator is the world-recognized company Ceres of Happurg in Germany, as the leading certificator of that system, with assistance from the Bureau Veritas of Ljubljana. It should be pointed out that Belje is the first and the only business operator with a GLOBALGAP certificate in the module of crop husbandry/cattle breeding on such a large scale. Today, only 10 % of operators in the world, mostly engaged in production of fruit and vegetables, hold this certificate.

Belje has certified GLOBALGAPIn line with GLOBALGAP standards, the most modern cattle breeding farms with permanent floor heating have been constructed at Belje, the disposal of manure on farms has been solved in the best possible manner, extra quality of milk has been achieved by controlled nutrition of cows, and working conditions in crop husbandry have been especially enhanced. The preparations for implementation and harmonization with GLOBALGAP standards at Belje encompass numerous activities, starting with constant analyses of soil and seed, prescribed working procedures of production, and a high quality and quantity control of the final crop – husbandry and cattle-breeding products, feedstuffs and cattle, which is followed by the HACCP system of controlling final products in the Belje food industry. Such a quality control system in agricultural production is a significant step forward towards enhancement of all Belje's production processes, and by observing high standards, Belje has taken its place among the most progressive world food manufacturers who guarantee safety and high product quality to their consumers, "from the field to the table".