Belje presented the results of its projects

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Belje presented the traceability of domestic food production along with its authentic regional products at own agricultural and production locations in Baranya 

Autumn sowing, the first phase of the traceability process, was presented today at Mitrovac, where one of the largest Agrokor investment projects in agriculture worth HRK 220 million is located. This special type of sowing, called precision sowing uses a seeding machine that is being guided by high precision satellite navigation .

Traceability in food production From field to table starts in Belje fields and continues on to own factory of cattle food and to 26 livestock breeding farms that produce domestic milk, beef cattle and stalled pigs. It is precisely the domestic raw materials from own resources that enable high quality of fresh ABC fresh cream cheese and dry meat products, as well as wines that are made exclusively from grapes grown in Belje’s own vineyards.

Special value to domestic products is added by mark of protection such as the one received by Baranya kulen and the purpose of this presentation was to inform the wider public of the looks of this mark, its value and significance while highlighting that EU market for products with geographical origin protected generates EUR 50 billion annual turnover.

Ljerka Puljić, Member of the Agrokor Supervisory Board said: ”the EU protection seal of geographical origin guarantees authenticity and specific characteristics to the consumer, while simultaneously strongly promoting the region of origin because protected products with geographical origin always carry the name of the region where they come from. Our company Belje is a true example of a complete production process which results with domestic products of exceptional quality.”

In the central position in its vineyards, in 2011 Belje opened a vinery worth HRK 150 million where results of recently completed grape picking were presented. Dalibor Poznić, CEO of Belje said: “ We are especially pleased with this year’s grape picking in both quality and quantity. From a total of 650 acres of vineyards we collected 6 million kg of grapes. Generally speaking, this year will be marked with record yield in most important crop cultures as well as cattle production with an exceptional step forward by exporting 720 breeding pigs to Italy.”

At a wine tasting of Vina Belje finest wines, winners of the most important awards in this year’s competitions around the world were presented. A special highlight among the presented wines was given to Goldberg graševina and Goldberg merlot 2012 as well as Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, a wine declared the best Croatian wine by the journalist judges at a recent wine competition Emozioni dal Mondo 2015 held at Bergamo, Italy.