Belje sent its first shipment to South Korea


Belje exports 52% of it ABC fresh cream cheese

Belje sent its first shipment of ABC cheese to South Korea. This export is based on a business cooperation agreement between Belje and Lotte Co., Ltd. This multinational corporation is the 8th largest conglomerate in South Korea focused on food production and retail through 60 companies doing business in 15 countries with 60.000 employees. Belje’s cooperation with Lotte was agreed upon at the Seoul Food 2015 food and drink exhibition. The South Korean partners who decided to import and place ABC cheese on the shelves of its retail chain were thrilled with fresh and natural flavor of ABC cheese consisting of only three ingredients – milk, cream and salt.

Due to this new export success of Belje, Dalibor Poznić, the company’s CEO stated: “ABC fresh cream cheese is the export flagbearer of Belje. We are present on all regional markets with our broad assortment, while this year we are also recording great export results to Asian markets, which includes South Korea. Because it uses domestic ingredients and undergoes a particular production process, ABC cheese is specific for its lengthy durability which allows us export projects throughout the world.”

From its total production, 52% of ABC cheese is exported, making it the most important export product of Belje. Apart from this project related to South Korea, Belje also made significant steps towards Arab countries this year by exporting 100 tons of ABC cheese. This export success was certainly aided by numerous international recognitions for quality such as the Three stars ITQI Superior Taste Award presented by the International Taste&Quality Institute from Brussels.

ABC fresh cream cheese is celebrating 35 years of production. Since the very beginning, production was based on domestic milk from Belje farms allowing for production traceability and highest product quality.