The wine cellars of Belje were returned to the fold of Belje d.d. more than a month ago and now they are operating to their full capacity. Re-design of the entire wine assortment created pre-conditions for their successful comeback on the market and the new appearance of the packing with the prevailing black and golden colour shades stresses the premium quality of the Belje wines. The wine cellars of Belje are situated in the area of the wine-growing hills of Baranja. On the south slopes of the Banska kosa (150-220 m above sea level) there are 455 ha of fertile vineyards with the white assortment mostly used for the production of the Graševina. In 2004 new grape plants were laid out on 59 ha comprising the following red grapes: Pinot Black, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Frankovka. In 2005 new white grape sorts were planted on 23 ha: Graševina, Rajnski Riesling, Pinot Grey. The total capacity of the Belje wine cellars is 7,000,000 l of wine. The assortment of the famous Belje wines includes table wine, quality wines such as Graševina, Chardonnay, Beljski Riesling and Pinot Grey as well as top quality wines Graševina and Chardonnay. A special offer comprises predicate wines, late vintage and ice vintage of Graševina. The wines from the Belje Wine Cellar will be on the shelves of large sales centres in the whole of Croatia until end of April. The development plans of the Belje Wine Cellar refer to the lay out of new grape plants aimed at improvement of the wine quality and increased production of quality and top quality wines.