The Agreement on Business Co-operation between Agrokor Corporation and, the group comprising the leading tourist agencies, was signed today by Ljerka Puljić, Executive Vice President of Agrokor and Marko Vojković, President of the Board of Group. Due to this long-lasting co-operation the Agrokor brands will be present during this tourist season in all the hotels and accommodation facilities throughout Croatia, that is in business with. Ljerka Puljić said: "Through Agrokor will come closer to the large hotels and tourism industry and thus be able to offer its leading brands to tourists." She also announced a powerful orientation of the Corporation towards tourism industry, which has a strong potential that presents a generator of the economic growth in Croatia. Marko Vojković sees the Agreement as an opportunity to enlarge a tourist offer: "We wish to offer something more, a complete product with all the factors through the whole season", whereby it should be pointed out that "nine million guests will see and taste the Croatian product, which will lead to better business results".