Call and instructions to creditors to register claims pursuant to Addendum Decision St-1138/17-52 dated 21 APR

Call and instructions to creditors to register claims

Pursuant to the Decision St-1138/17-52 of the Zagreb Commercial Court dated 21 April 2017, which is an addendum to the Decision St-1138/17 of the Zagreb Commercial Court, the procedure of Extraordinary Administration was initiated over debtor Agrokor and its related and dependent companies in accordance with the Law for the Extraordinary Administration for Companies with Systemic Importance for the Republic of Croatia (hereafter: Law for the Extraordinary Administration). All creditors of related and dependent companies listed in Addendum Decision St-1138/17-52 are called upon to register their claims to the Extraordinary Trustee within 60 days since the Addendum Decision was published meaning no later than 20 June 2017. Both creditors with separate satisfaction rights and those with exclusion rights are called upon to inform the Extraordinary Trustee about their rights, per stipulations of article 258 of the Bankruptcy Act, in stated time frame.

Given the great number of companies within the Agrokor Group that are included in the Extraordinary Administration procedure, and the great number of creditors who can register claims along with the need to make the process as fast and as precise as possible, please follow these instructions:

Creditors are directed to contact Agrokor Group companies towards which they have claims as soon as possible, in order to harmonize the amounts of unresolved claims dated April 9th, 2017 and prior to registering an actual claim. Even though this is not a legal obligation, preparing a harmonized status of unresolved claims will assist the procedure of processing registered claims. This can be further assisted by filling out form 19. Table of reported claims, separate satisfaction rights and exclusion rights (article 259, item 1 of the Bankruptcy Act), which is attached.

Claim reports should be completed by filling out form 18. Claim application in bankruptcy proceedings (article 257, item 1 of the Bankruptcy Act) pursuant to article 32 of the Law for the Extraordinary Administration, which is attached. We hereby call once more to make an attempt of harmonizing claims with Group companies. If the creditor has claims towards more Group companies, it is necessary to complete a spate harmonization process for each company and to make individual claim reports for each company.

Claim reports must be sent to Agrokor d.d., Trg Dražena Petrovića 3, Zagreb with label “report – for Extraordinary Trustee” in two copies, per stipulations of the Bankruptcy Act. One copy is for the Commercial court.


The Law for the Extraordinary Administration prescribes the use of forms mandated by the Bankruptcy Act to report claims, which can be seen from their titles. To remove any doubt, we underline that Agrokor and its related and dependent companies are in the process of extraordinary administration and not in a bankruptcy.

For all operative inquiries, please contact individual Agrokor Group companies with which you have unresolved claims via contacts listed on their web pages.



Rješenje Trgovačkog suda St-1138-17-52 (Decision St-1138/17-52, in Croatian)