Claim registration process in Agrokor completed

Since, pursuant to the Decision St-1138/17 of the Zagreb Commercial Court dated 10 April 2017, the procedure of Extraordinary Administration was initiated over Agrokor and its related and dependent companies in accordance with the Law for the Extraordinary Administration for Companies with Systemic Importance for the Republic of Croatia, all creditors were called upon to register their claims to the Extraordinary Trustee within 60 days after the Decision was published, starting on 10 April 2017 and ending on 9 June 2017., when the first part of the claim registration process was completed. The second part of the claim registration process was related to claim registrations by creditors of Agrokor’s related and dependent companies listed in the addendum to the Decision of the Zagreb Commercial Court St-1138/17-52 dated 21 April 2017, and the 60 day timeframe for registering these claims started on the day the addendum was published and it expired on 20 June 2017.

“We received a total of 8.148 packages in both claim registration processes. At the moment, 11.659 claim registrations are digitized, which is roughly 99% of the received claims. Accordingly, we expect the total number to be higher for approximately one hundred claims. A large number of creditors participated in the second part of the claim registration process, and they also applied their claims according to the defined procedures and forms.”, said Marta Bogdanić, Executive Director from Agrokor.

All creditors have intensively communicated with the claim registration team who provided them with instructions regarding the claim registration process and procedures. Following the completion of these processes, Agrokor’s database on registered claims contains the information necessary to further process and define claims. The timeframe for processing and harmonizing the received claims by creditors of related and dependent companies, as stipulated in the Law, is 60 days and after that the determined amount of claims will be published on the Zagreb Commercial Court notice board.