Climbing mountains provides a great sense of accomplishment

Matija Pavić 4.jpg

To be at the top, above 3.000 m, is miraculous

When he turns off his computer at the end of the week, after he upgraded another application so that his coworkers from Ledo could work more efficiently, Matija Pavić, business application manager in Ledo’s ICT department, “resets” himself.

Instead of spending his weekends in the comfort of his home, having lunches or coffee with friends, he climbs mountains. He has been climbing for the past three years since he accidentally discovered that bicycle rides and walks were just not enough.  Since he lives in Varaždin, a city that is surrounded by many hills, one sunny Sunday he decided to go climbing and that soon became a weekend routine. Today he is conquering mountain tops, which makes him especially proud, even though he admits that the first climb was not easy.

“It was difficult, that first climb. But I’ve kept the feeling of accomplishment and personal satisfaction long afterwards. And when I talk about climbing to my friends and colleagues, most of them are wondering what is it that makes me going back to crags and steep places. They often ask me what is the fun in climbing to the top by using climbing nuts and wires. Most of them consider a vacation only as sitting in a comfortable chair, going to restaurants and walking in parks. It is difficult to convince anyone that rest and “torture” in the mountains can be connected. “What I tell them most often is that when I’m climbing I feel complete freedom, because when I’m facing beautiful landscapes and natural environment that you don’t see every day, I don’t think as much about my mobile phone, e-mail, expenses and work.”, said Matija, who is a Ledo employee since 2008.

His hobby, just like in business, had many challenging climbs. Successfully completed projects, such as contact center in Daruvar that became an example of a job well done, motivate Matija to be better in his business life and mountain climbing do the same for his personal life.

“The first mountain that I have climbed was Triglav that I visited this summer. The feeling at the top is, to say the least, magnificent. The climb included much planning so the feeling at the end was better because of fulfilling the goal. My highest climb so far was to peak Säuleck in Austria. It was my first peak higher than 3.000 m above sea level. I also consider that climb as the most demanding one. It was a climb of nearly 2.000 m and 7 hours of walk. The third climb I find especially dear to me was also in Austria at Gosseck peak. That was a true winter quest in the Alps in the snow” Matija recalls as he already set a new mountain climbing goal for himself. He is hoping to conquer Grossglockner, the highest mountain top in Austria, standing at 3.798 m, next year. He also has good news for everyone who may be interested and want to try a “reset” in a mountain climbing adventure – for starters you need good will, and not very expensive climbing shoes or hiking poles.
“For longer and more serious climbing feats one should definitely think about buying a good quality backpack, jackets… and during the winter gaiters and crampons for snow are essential.”, Matija recommends.