Consumers have confirmed: Jana is convincingly the number one brand on the Croatian market


Jana Water with a message has outperformed its global competitors for the third year in a row and once more took first place as the strongest brand in Croatia according to the research of the Valicon agency

Valicon research for 2016 states that, for three consecutive years, Jana holds the leading position on a list of strongest brands in Croatia. This excellent result shows that consumers like inspiring messages, since the brand’s new communication direction was introduced in late 2013.

Besides the leading position in Croatian market, Jana is also, according to the VALICON TOP25 list, positioned as the 10th most popular brand in the region, making it the only bottled water representative on the list.

“This truly is an exceptional recognition for Jana, because it was given by the consumers. Being a number one brand in a competition this strong is a success, because Jana is the youngest brand on the list. Our team invests a lot of effort and energy all the way from the first steps in production that result in bottles of water with a special mineral content and a silky flavor, to store positions, marketing campaigns and communication with our customers. Recognitions such as this one are proof that the consumers acknowledge all of this. I thank them for this. We will continue trying to keep their favorite brand in this leading position that was given to Jana.”, said Iva Balent, Executive director of corporate marketing for the Agrokor Group.

Apart from this recognition, Jana was also awarded numerous acknowledgements by judges from both marketing and journalism fields, such as the bronze lion in Cannes, Grand Prix at the GoldenDrum in Ljubljana, Epica Award in Amsterdam, Sempl award in Portorož and Eurobest award in Rome and it recently also received the “most popular soft drink in Croatia” recognition. With its top quality, new campaigns and new editions, Jana continues its successful communication with consumers.

VALICON is one of the largest companies for marketing consulting and research in the region, with offices in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sarajevo and Belgrade. They publish the VALICON TOP25 BRANDS list since 2012 that contains the strongest FMCG brands in five markets of Adria region: Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia. Ranking on the list is determined by brand recognition by consumers, their experience and the usage of a brand within a certain category.