Damir likes a challenge at work and in sports so he is into climbing, rowing and dancing

Damir Rakocija 2.jpg

Photo: Damir Rakocija, regional Key Account Manager in Dalmatia region in Ledo is second from the left

Damir claims that it was doing sports that helped him in many business challenges. Damir Rakocija, Ledo’s regional Key Account Manager in the Dalmatia region is successful in several sports. He is member of some clubs for longer than he has been employed in Ledo where he has worked since 1998. 

Damir Rakocija is one of the founders of the first Sports Climbing Club Marulianus founded in 1992.

Ten years earlier he became member of the Mornar Rowing Club and won a trophy as junior champion in the former Yugoslavia. Today he is member of active veterans and his son Marko is following in his father’s footsteps. This student of Geodesy finished last year as a senior Croatian rowing champion in quad boat. “He beat the Olympic champion Sinković in that race”, Damir Rakocija proudly says.

Even though he is preoccupied with his work and sports obligations, he still finds the time to dance. He is a veteran in the Folklore Society Jedinstvo, winner of the most trophies among Croatia’s folklore ensembles. Damir won a number of awards with them and they have traveled half of the world over the years, from France, Denmark and Britain to South Africa.

“I have transferred the responsibility, organization and the winning mentality that followed me throughout my sports career in the business aspects of my life. I am most proud of that I have managed to transfer my love for sports and healthy living onto my children, says Damir Rakocija.