Deli Hams - New Product Category at PIK Vrbovec

While deli hams are relatively new on the Croatian market, this product category of various flavours and shapes depending on the land of origin, specific habits of different markets and tradition has been a trend product in Europe for a while.

The new PIK deli hams of unique flavour and at a favourable price are produced fromthe finest raw materials and contain a low level of fat - up to 5% in the final product and a high level of proteins - up to 16%, which makes up an ideal choice as a light meal or diet product.

The well-known product palette of PIK hams is going to be enriched by the deli hams comprising two new products:Premier Ham of the "permium quality" andPIK Ham. This succulent product with a gentle smoky note and a perfect combination of flavours and spices provides thePIK Hamwith a natural taste, which represents a real challenge to a sophisticated consumer. Due to the minimum contents of water thePremier Hamis on the top of the deli hams list.