Demand for Agrokor Notes Goes Beyond 1.4 Bill. Euros

The official issuing of Agrokor notes on the international market to the amount of 150 mil. euros was today completed in London with great success.

The interest of world investors went beyond the issued amount by ten times, which proves much trust of the investors into the acheivements and vision of Agrokor's development. The demand was so big that the registration was temporarily stopped when the amount went beyond 1.4 bill. euros. Such a high demand has never been seen in this area so far and represents not only a great success of this Croatian company but also the trust in the Croatian economy. Such a demand becomes even more important due to the fact that the investors are the largest banks and funds from all the continents. Such a great success and recognition by the renowned world financial institutions is the result of the high quality business policy and the strategy of regional development of Agrokor. Agrokor has proved the value of its company and the correct strategy, which were today recognized by the world leading investors too.