Desserts you can't resist!

Strudel with apples

Strudel puff pastry filled with apples is traditional desert in this region, so often found on the table as a sweet snack after lunch, especially at family gatherings. Ledo apple strudel filled with juicy, rich filling of apples, wrapped in tasty pastry. Smell and taste of the strudel is enriched with cinnamon and raisins which contribute to a special pleasure. Quick-frozen product provides a simple and practical preparation of a favorite dessert in just 30 minutes.Desserts you can't resist!

Strudel with vanilla and wild fruits

New Ledo strudel with vanilla and wild fruit is a real treat for palate. Sweet vanilla perfectly complement with wild fruit - red and black currants, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries, making this product an excellent dessert or even a snack for the whole family.Desserts you can't resist!