Double championship title for Belje Graševina

Belje’s Graševina named the best Croatian Graševina for 2007 and 2008

Double championship title for Belje GraševinaBelje’s Graševina first achieved excellent results and won numerous gold medals at this year's GAST festival in Split, followed by the Slavin Wine Fair in Orahovica and then received excellent marks for wine and spirits as a part of the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad. However, the latest recognition of the quality of Belje’s Graševina came in Kutjevo. For the third time in row, the Slavonia and Baranja Festival of Graševina was held at the end of May in Kutjevo. On this occasion, Podrumi Belje (Belje Winery) won two championship titles. The Festival of Graševina has become a tradition and a place where people gather and rate the best Croatian Graševina. At the first festival in 2007, Belje Winery took the championship title for vintage 2006 Graševina.Last year, Belje Graševina was also in the running for the best, and this year Belje took two championship titles, in the category 2008 vintage dry Graševina and dry Graševina from 2007 vintage and older. With the double championship title this year, for three years in a row (2006, 2007 and 2008), Belje’s supreme Graševina maintains its position as the best.

Double championship title for Belje GraševinaThis is the response from the leaders of Belje Winery upon receiving the championship title in Kutjevo: We are happy to have won numerous awards and recognitions in the last few years, and these championship titles certainly have a special place. All of the medals and recognitions are the best confirmation about the continued quality of Belje’s wines. Belje’s championship 2007 Graševina is already available in shopping malls, wine boutiques, restaurants and hotels, while the supreme 2008 Graševina will be put on the market in June 2009 and will bear the mark of excellence from the Festival in Kutjevo.