Energia Naturalis New Owner of e-KOLEKTOR


Energia naturalis (ENNA), a regional energy and logistics company, is the new owner of e-KOLEKTOR d.o.o., a company engaging in waste management. The Sale-Purchase Agreement was signed today by Damir Spudić, Member of the Management Board of Energia naturalis and Hrvoje Kraljević, CEO of Tisak, the company that had founded and developed e-KOLEKTOR. e-KOLEKTOR shall continue its operations withint the Energia naturalis Group, while Ilija Špikić, CEO of e-KOLEKTOR, shall remain at the company's helm.

„I am sure that with ENNA we have gained a partner who will enable e-KOLEKTOR's further business development, while at the same time TISAK will continue to pursue its strategic business orientation focusing on its core business“, Hrvoje Kraljević, CEO of Tisak, said on the occasion of signing the Agreement.

Ilija Špikić, CEO of e-KOLEKTOR, trusts that e-KOLEKTOR shall continue to develop its operations within the Energia naturalis Group with a view to becoming regional leader in waste management. „While doing so, we shall keep providing reliable, high-quality, efficient and result-oriented services to all our partners. We believe that with ENNA we will even more efficiently create high-quality secondary raw material to be returned into the production process with the aim of protecting the environment and meeting consumer needs. At the same time we shall together contribute even more to the environment protection and care in line with the good practise of socially responsible operations,“ Špikić noted.

„Sustainable waste management is a logical sequence in the diversification of the business operations of ENNA as an energy and logistics company striving to pursue responsible operations while honoring the global low-carbon orientation in the energy sector, where e-KOLEKTOR is a great fit. In line with its slogan „Improving life“ Energia naturalis strives to be a knowledge, innovation and development generator in Croatia and the region. These are the very views we share with e-KOLEKTOR and the principles by which we set the course for our common business future“, said Damir Spudić, Board Member at Energia naturalis.

e-KOLEKTOR is a unique company on the Croatian market engaging in industrial waste management. Within its seven regional collection centers waste management is pursued by turning waste into raw material again, thus reducing the exploitation of natural resources. The production of quality secondary raw-materials to be returned into the production process establishes a circular economy and accounts for sustainable waste management. e-KOLEKTOR employs more than 250 people accross the country and operates a vehicle fleet of 60 specialized vehicles, tanks and presses.

Energia naturalis (ENNA) holds a management role in around 20 companies and is one of the leading investors in the region. The Croatia-based Group also operates in Hungary, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia. The Group companies engage in the energy, logistics and infrastructure sectors.