Enjoy new Ledo take home ice creams

Grandissimo Vanilla

Enjoy new Ledo take home ice creamsThe beloved flavour of vanilla with the Grandissimo signature of proven quality will soon find its way to your heart with its exceptionally sophisticated flavour. Enhanced taste buds yearning for a unique and unforgettable pleasure infused exclusively with enticing vanilla will be delighted with this Grandissimo ice cream. The refreshing vanilla flavour will be a perfect accompaniment to Ledo's apple strudel or wild berry and vanilla strudel.


Enjoy new Ledo take home ice creamsWith Quattro ice cream, there can never be too many flavours. In order to satisfy the desires of your entire household and dear friends, and your own preferences, choose from five irresistible flavours – strawberry, hazelnut, wild berry, chocorum and vanilla. For all those with a sweet tooth, an additional surprise are the two enticing toppings of strawberry and nougat that will round out this ice cream story with their sweet touch, bringing all gourmands together in one place.

Mini Quattro Dalmatia

Enjoy new Ledo take home ice creamsAlmond, juicy mandarins, intoxicating lavender and irresistible crème caramel are the traditional flavours and aromas of Dalmatia, and are now found in the Mini Quattro ice cream intended for true ice cream lovers. The enticing flavours and aromas of the Mediterranean will arouse your imagination and senses, and bring together family and friends. An additional surprise in this irresistible ice cream are the three luxurious toppings – caramel, mandarin and almond.