Extraordinary trustee's second meeting with BIH Government representatives

Today, at the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH), Extraordinary Trustee Ante Ramljak held his second meeting with BIH government representatives.

The meeting was attended, alongside the host Mirko Šarović, Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations and the President of BIH Council of Ministers, by Vjekoslav Bevanda, Minister of Finance and Treasury of BiH, Aida Soko, advisor to Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fadil Novalić, Predrag Gluhaković, Minister of Trade and Tourism of Republika Srpska, Nemanja Vasić, Vice President of Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ivan Del Vechio, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to BIH, and Agrokor Group was represented by Ante Ramljak, Extraordinary Trustee, Tomislav Bagić, Managing Director of Konzum BIH, Tomislav Čizmić, CEO of Poslovni sistem Mercator and Dubravka Jusić, Executive Director for Marketing in Agrokor, accompanied by directors of other companies from Agrokor Group in BIH and representatives of other government bodies of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After the meeting Ante Ramljak, Extraordinary Trustee for Agrokor said: ”Today we presented to the Council of Ministers a new concept for Agrokor retail in Bosnia and Herzegovina which foresees the reintroduction of Mercator brand to the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is a proposition since the decision on its realization has not yet been made.

Konzum BiH’s business operations are stable and it is regularly fulfilling all of its obligations, but we have decided to consider a new business concept for the BIH market with the aim of better long-term positioning of Agrokor’s retail network and further development in the regional market.

During the preparation of various scenarios and based on a number of analyses, we had several key objectives in our focus, primarily preserving jobs, continuing regular payments towards suppliers and the state as well as strengthening our retail network.

If the concept that we have discussed today, which envisages the reintroduction of Mercator brand to BIH market, will be accepted from Konzum and Mercator management, it will help further development of the retail market by encouraging competitiveness and will be in the best interest of all customers, employees, suppliers, banks and the state.”