First candidates from the young people employment initiative hired

After a successfully completed selection process, out of 16.500 applicants, first 265 were employed in March. Hirings will continue under same conditions in April and May, with the option of signing a contract extension once the three month employment period is completed in Agrokor’s companies Konzum, Jamnica, Ledo, Zvijezda, PIK Vrbovec and PIK Vinkovci. New employees will earn wages and all other work related benefits identical to those of other employees throughout the Agrokor Group.

The first employment initiative of young people ran three years ago and it also generated great interest, with more than 15.000 applicants out of whom 1.000 were employed for three months, and 400 signed long term contract extensions. 

Apart from continuous and regular employment, the Agrokor Group uses additional initiatives to provide opportunities for work and initial work related experience to young people with various degrees of education, including those with master’s degrees, trained salespeople, butchers or drivers in areas such as sales, logistics, finance, marketing, development, retail food and drinks production as well as in agricultural production, and by doing so it is providing its companies with young employees who help complete ambitious and dynamic development projects in which Agrokor will invest approximately 1,5 billion kuna in 2014 alone. Given the development vision and business ambitions of Agrokor, the employment processes will be continued in the future.