First Futura A Academy in 2015 Completed


The first of four in a row of this year's Agrokor Futura A Academies has been completed, in which by the end of the year 130 participants from all companies of the Agrokor Group will take part. Futura A, an Agrokor Academy program, is the educational program with the longest tradition in the Group, intended for selected young and university-educated employees of the Group from all over the region, aimed at introducing them to the corporate organization, culture and operations. To date 26 Futura A programs were held, with more than 900 up-and-coming young employees having attended, many of which hold leading and executive positions within the Group today. As many as 95.4% of Futura attendees have stayed with the Group and been promoted, 56.3% of which hold significant positions in the Group's management, some of them as CEO-s, Managing Directors, Directors of Divisions, Heads of Departments, Managers and so on. This year's Futura is specific for the fact that for the first time Mercator employees have taken part and made their additional contribution to this regional program. 

Futura A takes young employees through lectures, workshops and competing in the development of a new product idea. Over the course of the program the participants also, through presentations and various innovative features, get to present themselves, their work and the company they come from. Agrokor's Futura A Academy programs started back in the year 2000 and are today being conducted by Agrokor employees, top experts in their respective business areas.

Apart from Agrokor, individual companies of the Group have their own academies, among which Konzum's Academy and the K ABC (K AbeCeDa) program are particularly worth noting, with 19 generations and a total of 254 new, university-degree employees having attended. In line with the long-standing practise, with the programs and contents they offer the internal academies of the Agrokor Group respond to the needs of the operating business and employee development in all key business areas: retail, food and drinks production, agriculture and various services. 

As the regional leader in food industry and retail, with its unique mission, vision and strategy Agrokor has been attracting, recruiting, motivating and developing its human resources. Besides continuous and regular new employments, with the additional employment initiatives the Agrokor Group has provided young people with opportunities to work and gain the required working experience. Within the scope of such initiatives, the best known one being „Out of the Crisis through Work“, over the last four years more than 1,600 young, educated people have been employed, many of whom are developing their careers in companies of the Group. The focus on employing young people is best illustrated by the fact that since establishment Agrokor has employed more than 8,000 interns.

The education and career advancement systems as well as the results achieved and the development of academies are a secure and long-term investment of the Group, the success of which can be measured by its business achievements. Agrokor has applied the same policy on all regional markets, striving to encourage a society and economy of knowledge by way of opening new jobs and active institutional cooperation. Agrokor takes care of its employees by using state-of-the-art systems able to recognize, develop and direct careers towards vertical and horizontal promotion, within the companies, but also across different businesses and states, thus securing the company's future development. The Agrokor Group, as one of the region's best employers, has built its current and future success in business on the success of its employees and its human resource management.