The first new format of Konzum stores - the KOZMO drug store was opened in Zagreb today. The KOZMO drug store is specialised in selling health and beauty products. The new store and the new brand in this retail sales segment were presented at the press conference by Ms Ljerka Puljić, Senior Executive Vice-President for Strategic Groups of Agrokor, Mr Drago Munjiza, President of the Konzum Board and Mr Dubravko Scherr, Director of the Kozmo Project. After the presentation the first KOZMO drug store was opened by Janica Kostelić in the presence of a large number of guests. Following the most contemporary world trends in providing services, increased consumption of the health and beauty products as the result of larger interest of consumers and their health awareness and development of new products were just some of the reasons to start this new Konzum store format. Large experience in retail sales business and know-how will ensure to KOZMO a powerful competitive advantage. The goal of KOZMO is to satisfy its customers with top-quality services and the richest assortment of products in a pleasant environment. The new drug store in Zagreb in Ozaljska 148 (tram depot Remiza) offers about 7,000 products for face and body care, baby care, home cleaning and health and vitality care. Besides numerous world-known brands the assortment of KOZMO includes a considerable number of domestic products. The new visual identity of the new format of Kozmo stores - Kozmo drug stores has been created by the Department for Corporate Promotion and Design with the Project Leader Ms Tea Kličinović, Design Director. "Our vision is to become the leading retail sales chain in the category of health and beauty products, while our mission is to offer to the market a wide range of top-quality, innovative domestic and foreign products in this segment at favourable prices. Our wish is to offer a new dimension of shopping, to create the "KOZMO" world for our customers," said Mr Dubravko Scherr, KOZMO Director. Mr Drago Munjiza pointed out the plan to open another 10 KOZMO drug stores by the end of the year and about 100 more on the Croatian market by the year of 2010. The new KOZMO stores will hire more than 600 new employees.